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Founded in 2008 in Metz by French prospectivist Yannick Monget, the Symbiom Group initially came into existence along with the appearance of more and more obvious threats directly related to the impact of human activities on the earth's ecosystems and on our civilizations themselves.

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Originally, Symbiom developed its activities through foresight expertise made possible by digital computer graphics technologies. A visual approach adapted to science taken today by our SYMBIOM ARTS & SCIENCES  structure.


The use of CG photorealistic imagery means above all a better understanding of the stakes of the century, whether dramatic or promising. Such a simulation work, carried out in coordination with many contributing experts, is currently relayed - and on a regular basis - by the world's media, institutions, communities - to say nothing of the field of education. Which is a way for the great majority of people to know about the recent discoveries of science.

Symbiom has benefited from the support and involvement of many personalities. These people are internationally recognised for either their involvement in the protection of the environment or good causes such as world peace. Yannick Monget wanted to provide the group with a prestigious ethics committee: the SYMBIOM COMMITTEE. 

Yannick has received the help and support of several friends. First and foremost, botanist Jean-Marie Pelt but also French lawyer and former Environment Minister  Corinne Lepage, astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, architect Jacques Rougerie, aviatior Gérard Fledzer, or the Solar Impulse initiator and balloonist Bertrand Piccard.  Yannick began to put in place the foundations of what has recently become an entity in its own right within Symbiom. This thinktank is working today towards an ethical governance of society. Bringing a new perspective, analysis and expertise on the mutations vital to our systems and political choices, this approach is part of the obvious dichotomy between, on the one hand, the technological power acquired by humanity in recent decades and, on the other hand, the dangerous ethical and philosophical deficiency of our governance modes.

The uprising of consciousness is no doubt crucial but the seriousness of the bioclimatic crisis requires more than that, concrete solutions have to be implemented. Which Yannick Monget had in mind as of the day he founded Symbiom. The group was to carry out its own research and development projects - consistent with his founder's analysis of the situation; in other words, action had to come in addition to awareness raising.

Driven by the conviction that symbiosis between Homo Sapiens and their planet is perfectly feasible, that consciousness uprising will ultimately revolutionize our way of thinking, that ethics will become the basis of our development, Symbiom is now working for a new world to be born out of the current crisis. A world where our imagination will once again feed our dreams and where it will be these dreams, not private interests, that - at last - shape tomorrow. A scenario of hope that has become perfectly feasible today, reinforced as it is by recent discoveries as well as the twin desires - spreading by the day - to rethink our relationship with the blue planet and to take part in the necessary societal, technological and environmental transformation, as advocated, among others, by philosopher Edgar Morin. A magnificent "utopia" in the true sense of the term, that is to say not trying to reach « the inaccessible star » but achieving - practically and effectively - what has not yet been achieved.


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