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When digital art serves science

Dedicated mainly to the scientific media as a means of illustration of their articles and special editions, Symbiom Arts images what makes the scientific news of the moment in order to facilitate understanding of our world and the phenomena that condition it.  


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EXHIBITIONS / When Art and Science raise awareness to the stakes of the century

Linking Arts and Sciences, such was the idea launched by Yannick Monget in the early 2000s with a view to better understandi,g the stakes of the century. Discover here the various exhibitions adapted from these thematic developments, whose circulation is provied by Symbiom Arts.


Educating, raising awareness ...

Discover the various books and byproducts developed in the wake of these digital works as well as educational projects dedicated more specifically to the world of schools, from primary to university classes.

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Many media around the world have chosen to use our computer graphics productions. Whether scientific or mainstream media, these productions are suitable as much for the specialized press as for the media aimed at a wider and less informed public.

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