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The challenges of global warming

Launched in 2015 in parallel with COP21; "Visions" is intended as a transition exhibition between the "Lands of the Future" and "Between Threats and Spaces" exhibitions. Addressing the environmental issues of the century, Visions highlights threats and solutions related to the current environmental crisis.

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The nuclear in question

Adapted from Yannick Monget's eponymous novel, the exhibition Resilience reveals, through expert texts, the hidden truths of civil nuclear power and offers the keys to understanding the issues surrounding this high-risk technology, from threats to the challenges it raises, starting with waste treatment and of course dismantling, without overlooking the many issues related to safety and accidents.

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Coming soon / 2019

This exhibition event, announced for the end of 2019, brings together dozens of new visuals, each more impressive than the next, on the future of our world, addressing threats and warnings from experts as well as messages of hope to change the world.

Remarkable content on the form, beauty and realism of these incredible digital paintings, but also on the content, offering testimonies from personalities from all over the world, recognized among other things for their commitment to protecting the environment and promoting peace. 


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