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Visions of the future / Objective Moon

In spite of the dark news of the moment, I decided to resume the publication of visions of the future, this time with a little novelty since they will be animated in 3D with a sound background, a way of discovering differently the digital paintings realized these last years, in particular for the book Hopes. We must indeed continue to believe in the future and if I will indeed in the coming days also publish digital paintings in connection with the crisis we are going through I will try to alternate with optimistic visions a contrario allowing us to project ourselves beyond. This week, I wanted to make a wink to the final assembly of the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket of Nasa, the launcher that should bring astronauts on the Moon by republishing this painting in the form of a video. On this animation we also see a lunar orbital station, currently in the project stage. The space projects continue indeed, despite the tensions that divide humanity on Earth. Yesterday, a crew of Russian cosmonauts (dressed in suits with Ukrainian flag colors) joined the ISS, gratifying us with fraternal hugs between American, European, Russian astronauts. Some leaders on Earth should take example on the cooperation that men have set up in space after the cold war, instead of trying to export their war there. Let's hope that this space cooperation will continue and even consolidate in the future, and that the divisions on Earth will not contaminate the collaborations beyond our sky.

CAPTION / The exploration of space teaches us more and more about ourselves, our origin, our world and the universe. It is thus very likely that this period we are living through - which will have seen man settle in near space, set foot on the Moon and soon on Mars, send the first probes beyond the solar system - will go down in history as an era at least as important in terms of new knowledge as those of the great voyages of the 16th century across the seas and oceans of the globe. The fascination with nature and the desire to learn more about the world around us has always been a fantastic driving force, regardless of the historical period. This is the case today with space, but each era has known its own terra incognita to apprehend, to understand, generating each time dreams, soliciting all the more our imagination while making us take more and more distance and humility on our place and our role to play on this tiny parcel of the universe on which we live.

But let's be careful! If the implantation of man on the planets of our solar system is probable in the near future, these solutions will not constitute an alternative to our planet if it becomes unlivable: it is imperative to solve the environmental challenges of the Earth, without which humanity will have no future.


Digital painting from the book HOPES, Symbiom Editions 2021

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