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Climate programs deprogrammed so as not to influence the presidential election?

The new CSA* would have decided to cancel the broadcasting of some environmental programs dealing with the climate and the last IPCC report the days before the first round of the French presidential election, under the pretext that it would have been likely to influence the election.

An extremely serious decision, but above all, totally absurd: Because by definition, obviously the current events, the crises of the moment influence the electoral choice, it is a truism to say it! And of course it is the duty of the media to inform the population as much as possible so that the citizens can decide as objectively as possible, in their soul and conscience, the candidate they consider the most able to answer the challenges that are facing us.

If this is confirmed**, it would be a real scandal. The IPCC report is an expert report, based on scientific facts; it makes no sense for it to be seen or considered as a partisan report. It would be very stupid. The facts are the facts, and this choice would pose a real problem in terms of ethics, journalism and also (in fact) politics and democracy. The same is true in a general way about the state of the climate. We cannot ban scientific broadcasts dealing with the subject on the pretext that this could influence a particular political party. The news influences by definition. It is obvious that the war in Ukraine has influenced the choice of some voters for example and we are not going to ban programs dealing with the subject at the moment.

During this time, indeed, the presidential election and this first round only confirm that the French have absolutely not taken the measure of the urgency and the absolute seriousness of the situation with the immeasurable threat that the environmental degradation makes weigh on our societies.

When I say "the French", I include the majority of the candidates and the politicians, whose blindness makes us head each day a little more towards the abyss... Think that some candidates have hardly addressed the subject of the environmental crisis whereas it should have been the spinal cord of all the programs (I say all)!

It is high time that the French environmental policy does not boil down to an ostrich policy and that some people (many of them, to be honest) wake up.

If however it is not too late...

(what I want to continue to believe)

* Arcom recently replaced the CSA and Hadopi

** Source: Given the seriousness of the information, it is important to cite the sources. The information comes from the collective "For an ecological awakening", ( based on the tweets of several personalities invited to programs before the first round that have seen them cancelled. Notably a program on France Inter (Tweet of Pierre Charbonnier According to one of the guests, "talking about the danger of climate change is considered insufficiently neutral" and confirm that the choice to cancel the program follows "the rules of ARCOM and not France Inter. It would be important that Arcom (solicited by the author of the tweet on April 7) expresses itself but since April 7 no answer has been brought on the network.

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