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CONFERENCE | Materials, energy and climate change

On Thursday, December 2, 2021, the thematic school ICOME, Materials, Energy and Climate Change, was held, during which Geoffrey Levermore and Dominique Reynaud, members of the IPCC, as well as the futurist Yannick Monget, held conferences for the general public. We asked them about their vision of climate change.

Rachid Bennacer, professor at the University of Paris-Saclay (ENS), and Mohammed El Ganaoui, professor at the University of Lorraine (IUT of Longwy), present the ambition of the thematic school as follows: "Climate change is the consequence of human development, and therefore of the use of energy and materials. A solution can be found in new materials and energy management. This question answers a real societal emergency and federates several disciplinary knowledges, as well as several generations in search of contribution to its solution.

This is the philosophy behind the annual international meeting on Materials and Energy and the ICOME thematic school. By bringing together doctoral students, it aims to perpetuate a spirit of societal feedback of topical and scientific quality. The approach is supported by associations / learned societies (EMSF, Symbiom, EMSF, ..) aimed at bringing science and society.

While the day was dedicated to scientific presentations by leading international experts in fields such as computer simulation, renewable energy or energy performance of buildings, it ended with conferences for the general public. Two internationally renowned scientists, Geoffrey Levermore and Dominique Reynaud, members of the IPCC, spoke on the subject of global warming and its interaction with energy and material resources. These conferences were preceded by a presentation by French futurist and writer Yannick Monget.



17.00 Introduction and conference on foresight

Mr. Yannick Monget

Founder of the Symbiom group, futurist, writer, France

17.20 Lecture "From the discovery of the greenhouse effect to the IPCC

Prof. Dominique Raynaud

Grenoble University / Acad Sciences, France

17.55 Lecture " Climate Change and Materials for Mitigation and Adaptation

Prof. Geoffrey Levermore

Manchester University, UK

18.30 Exchange / Debate

18.50 Closing ceremony


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