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MEDIAS | Yannick Monget and the hope of ecology

LE REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN (France) - Do you know many authors capable of bringing together Bertrand Piccard and Yves Coppens, Hubert Reeves and Chief Raoni, Matthieu Ricard and Nicolas Hulot in the same book? Yannick Monget has done it. It's the Hopes project. It brings together climate experts and astronauts, committed voices and Nobel Prize winners. All he needs is a helping hand from future readers to publish this book on the future of the Earth.

The Earth is burning, the climate is changing, bigger viruses are threatening, the situation is serious, but hope remains. This is the certainty of Yannick Monget. For fifteen years, this scientist from Metz has been in the line of futurists. [...] Since then, his works have been seen at the G7 in Metz, in Paris and elsewhere, and are supported by UNESCO. In recent years, he has sought to reach a wider audience, to convince them that solutions to the collapse exist. "We've been imagining the world afterwards for eight years." In his eyes, this is (again) through a book. "Hopes", both title and program, will be a triple sum. The book will include 450 pages, dozens of committed texts, and above all an almost unlimited list of names, with the top of the climate. Climate experts, leading voices on the planet, media authors, thinkers, Nobel Prize winners, politicians: the choice is vast. Judge for yourself: Hubert Reeves and Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse), Corinne Lepage and Nicolas Hulot, Paul Watson (campaigns against whalers) and Jean Jouzel, Jacques Perrin and Mathieu Ricard, Jean-François Clervoy and Claudie Haigneré... Yannick Monget also cites Nobel Peace Prize winners Shirin Ebadi and Jody Williams, and spokespersons for peoples such as Chief Raoni. He is particularly proud of the presence of Naoto Kan, Japanese Prime Minister at the time of the Fukushima disaster, who has become a fervent anti-nuclear. "All these meetings have been incredibly rich."

"The system must metamorphose"

Hopes will be released worldwide. Two versions, English and French, are planned. Yannick Monget is thinking big, and is committed to the long term: "It's an assessment of all our opportunities, of our solutions. Radical in his rejection of the atom, the man from Metz does not want to adopt a specific political position. He is an ecologist without following the Greens, but believes neither in adaptation through technology nor in the seduction of collapse. "I am not a collapsologist, I am very critical of the capitalist system, it is it that creates inequalities, but I do not want to bring down the system, I am for its metamorphosis."



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