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Visions d'avenir / Exploitation of polar katabatic winds

I try to address in my work both the problems and threats as well as the solutions and hopes. I couldn't bring myself to post the previous animation showing a nuclear power plant devastated by a hypothetical conflict. (A scenario that almost became much less hypothetical in the last few days), I'm taking advantage of this week to post another positive animation about the clean energy resources that we are not yet exploiting, and that remain innumerable like the polar catabatic winds.

CAPTION / Huge helical wind farms of a new kind are rising off a coast, providing energy to the continent, while old abandoned oil stations, eaten away by salt, are gradually sinking on the coast. Even further north, off the coast of Greenland, far from fishing grounds and inhabited areas, thousands of these wind turbines take advantage of the katabatic winds, much more powerful and constant than on our European coasts, to supply electricity to numerous water electrolysis units producing hydrogen for the European continent. Dating from the time when the melting ice had whetted the appetite of some Nordic nations in fossil resources, the ruins of oil facilities being dismantled, visible on the horizon testify to the final end of an era where human beings swore by the abuse of the subsoil that had led to many geopolitical tensions around the Arctic.


Digital painting from the book HOPES, Symbiom Editions 2021

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