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Yannick Monget is an author, futurist, specialized in issues related to the contemporary environmental crisis and founder of the Symbiom Committee, which brings together many international personalities committed to the promotion of peace and environmental protection, and the eponymous group, created with the aim of raising awareness among the general public, as well as decision-makers, of contemporary environmental issues and developing alternative solutions to address them. Author of several books on the theme of the future of our planet based on the work of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and translated into many languages, his work is regularly used by the international media. His books have been adapted in the form of major exhibitions presented in many cities around the world by the Symbiom group. He lives in Metz, France.

The idea came to me to solicit, for the realization of this book, personalities with whom I consider myself lucky to have crossed paths and with whom, for many of them, I have forged close ties of friendship, within the Symbiom Committee, that we have founded around these fundamental themes of reflection on our civilisational future. It is very likely that you know most of these personalities for their public commitments, their achievements, or their knowledge, their philosophy and their spiritual approach to the themes addressed by the book. All these personalities have in common a real interest in the protection of our planet, its biodiversity, and therefore of humanity. I would like to thank them very much for their contribution to the production of this book. 


Yannick Monget



Many personalities from all over the world contributed to the book.
From September 2019, their names will gradually be revealed on the official page of the book on social networks as well as on this site.

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