Strange ... seen from here, I do not see any border between Spain and Catalonia


POST • To tell the truth, I do not see anywhere. It is time for men to consider boundaries for what they are: constructions of the mind, and only constructs of the mind. The reality, whatever some say, is that we are one and the same humanity, united on one planet.This is what unites us, well before anything else. And rather than inventing ourselves and creating new problems, and fueling new tensions (as if we needed them right now), rather than pointing out differences, we'd better focus on what we have in common , and put all our energy to resolve the immeasurable challenges that face us and that we can solve only together.


Because it is surely not by dividing us a little more than we will be able to face the threats, very real ones, which endanger our common future on this planet. On the contrary, by overcoming our divisions, by understanding how far these are most often futile, we will meet these challenges.


Unfortunately, there will always be some to build new walls and to invent new frontiers;


But fortunately, there will always be some to make them fall ...


Yannick Monget








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