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SYMBIOM COMMITEE • At the end of 2017, Symbiom gave birth to a new entity. Initially conceived by Yannick Monget as an ethics committee to oversee the activities of Symbiom, this eponymous Committee has just been set up as a separate entity.


While this Committee will effectively aim to ethically regulate the activities and projects developed by the group, the fact that it takes the form of a fully-fledged entity gives it the opportunity to develop its own projects.


The composition of this Committee undoubtedly demonstrates a real ambition. Around Yannick Monget, we find a number of names of personalities recognized for their commitment to the protection of the environment but also the promotion of peace, which gives some clues about the activities he intends to lead to the to come up.


Among the French names associated with this initiative are astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, the lawyer and former French Minister of the Environment Corinne Lepage, the architect Jacques Rougerie, the paleoanthropologist Pascal Picq, the philosopher and naturalist Yves Paccalet, the journalist Allain Bougrain-Dubourg. Many other foreign names are also on the list of ambassadors and supporters, from the Swiss balloonist Bertrand Piccard, Quebec biologist Jean Lemire, Russian cosmonaut Sergey Revin, and Japanese animal protagonist Ren Yabuki.


Engaged for many years on environmental issues, especially with Mikhail Gorbachev, but also with the engagement of youth and opinion leaders on the challenges of sustainable development in the Bridge Foundation, Adam Koniuszewski Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP) summarizes the objectives : “Humanity is at a crossroad. Our collective decisions and actions will chart the course for our future. The Symbiom Committee brings together renowned scientists, practitioners and experts from around the world to focus attention on the crucial issues that confront us in a broad economic, social and geo-political context. Most importantly it identifies opportunities and provides a path to the numerous solutions that are within reach.” 


Also note the presence of a number of members from the space field within the team; a presence that went from being according to Nathalie Meusy, Sustainable Development Manager and the European Space Agency's citizen debate project: "With its missions and core business, the European Space Agency (ESA) is a key player in sustainable development, it is even its vocation: it observes the Earth, its immediate environment, it broadens the field of knowledge, it improves the existence of European citizens and it shares the benefits of space with Humanity as a whole, it is the values ​​conveyed by the Convention that created ESA more than half a century ago, so working for space means working for the Earth and it is for it was natural for me to combine space and sustainable development more than a decade ago as a matter of urgency and urgency, which is why I joined the Symbiom Committee for me an act of citizenship towards the Earth and aroused on my part a determined will to contribute to accompany, with my personal values ​​as professional, the transition from a world in crisis, from a changing world to a world and a more responsible society, both individually and collectively, through concrete actions, particularly towards the environment."


A dedicated website has just been set up and is already accessible from the Symbiom Group portal. Further information and a number of announcements will be provided in the coming weeks.








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