Intervention of Y.Monget at the ASE congress


SYMBIOM COMMITTEE • Yannick Monget spoke on Monday at the XXXth Space Explorer Association Congress which brings together astronauts from all over the world to present the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Duties of Humanity, with support ESA, and the Cité de l'Espace in Toulouse, organizer of the event.


Several members of the Symbiom Committee were present, such as Nathalie Meusy, who is also responsible for the environment at the European Space Agency, and astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, who initiated the initiative. values ​​espoused by the ESA being absolutely in sync with the content of the DDHU's message to future generations. A speech also in connection with the values ​​defended by Bertrand Piccard, who intervened in the first part of this inaugural day.


The event brought together astronauts from some 40 countries around the world, including many legends of space agencies, all of whom share the same goal of transmitting to the new generations their gaze on the planet, its beauty but also its fragility and its need to protect it.








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