Paris City Hall exhibits Yannick Monget's works for COP21


SYMBIOM ARTS & SCIENCE • Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, her First Deputy Mayor of Paris, in charge of culture, Célia Blauel, assistant to the Mayor in charge of environmental issues, and Patrick Klugman, deputy mayor of Paris international relations and the Francophonie are pleased to invite you to discover the exhibition VISIONS, adapted from the work of Yannick Monget, Façade Rivoli of the Town Hall, from November 30, 2015 to January 3, 2016.


" Without waiting for COP21, women and men around the world have already committed to building the sustainable territories of tomorrow: territories thought and lived on a human scale, while respecting the balance between nature and culture. exhibition magnifies these concrete solutions for climate, conducted around the world in the key areas of energy, agriculture and housing.The countries of the South, in particular, are full of inspired actions, effective to adapt and to act in the face of the ecological emergency, they must serve as an example.Paris is resolutely engaged in this economy of the least impact for the environment and the climate, by privileging the revegetation, the soft and clean mobilities, the practices of Circular economy and sharing The local scale is the first scale of fight against climate change and effective implementation of another model of development. is closer to the citizens that we must act, they who are themselves often precursors.

Faced with the crisis of civilization that we are going through, we have a new path to draw, which reconciles the social progress of all countries, the restored dignity of each, and the preservation of our environment. This more ecological world and more solidarity, we will not build it starting from normative utopias but, to use the words of Ivan Illich, "by allowing each community to choose continually its feasible utopia". It is this utopia that each of the superbly exposed cases puts into action concretely. "


Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris


Since the opening of the COP21, Parisians have been able to discover a selection of digital paintings from the "Visions" exhibition, on the gates of the Paris City Hall. Exceptionally, the exhibition will be left in place during the holiday season until early January. In total, fifteen paintings from the new exhibition Visions, Entre Threats et Espoirs will be unveiled to the public, mostly positive digital paintings featuring optimistic visions of our future.




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