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SYMBIOM • Since this week, you can concretely support Symbiom by making a donation via the page (also accessible from the link "Support" which appears in the menu bar of the pages on site


The donations are totally free and intended to finance the Symbiom association and the Symbiom Committee, in charge of the development of the group's non-profit projects. Their activities are mainly focused on awareness raising, information on environmental issues and existing solutions for both the general public and decision makers. The assembly of its projects requires a certain number of needs, particularly of the operation. We can only rely on the support of our supporters through their donations.


In the coming weeks, this page will develop to offer you new features, allowing you to support new projects including crowdfunding (crowdfunding) and therefore participate in the development of specific projects, ranging from awareness to projects of research and development.


Thanks again to all for your support!








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