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The event book

Discover the HOPES project, Yannick Monget's latest photo-documentary book, to be published in autumn 2020, imagining what our future could look like, around personalities from all over the world gathered for the occasion to testify to their vision of the future, their warnings and above all their hopes.

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Novels, photo-documentary books

Published in particular by the Editions de la Martinière publishing company in France, discover his various works, his photo-documentary books as well as his scientific fiction novels, all committed books turned towards the future of our world, its threats as its hopes.



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When Arts & Sciences raise awareness of the challenges of the century

Linking Arts and Sciences, such was the idea launched by Yannick Monget in the early 2000s to try to better understand the stakes of the century. Discover here his many digital paintings works, as well as related events and projects.


We cannot predict the future, but we can invent it ...

Founder of the Symbiom group, discover the projects developed by its various structures, both in governance via the Symbiom Committee and the areas of education and awareness such as innovation, research and development.

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" It has often been proved that yesterday's dreams,
are today's hope and the reality of tomorrow "

Robert Hutchings Goddard

(1882 - 1945)

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