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Discover this month in Vosges Matin an interview conducted as part of the Lauriers des collectivités locales des Vosges.

Yannick Monget, as part of the "Lauriers des collectivités locales" on Friday, you will speak about environmental issues. You predicted the Coronavirus well before its arrival, is human extinction in your forecasts?

"No, I deeply believe that humanity has the capacity to survive, to reorganize itself and that we can get through this environmental crisis by all of us doing it quickly, without waiting for our neighbors to do it. The only real threat to fear, for me, is the nuclear catastrophe. There are still elected officials who talk about reactors that will arrive in fifteen years, but the fight against climate change will be lost by then, it is now that we must act and propose renewable solutions around the hydrogen sector for example.

Adapting the economy to ecology is one of your areas of study, but how do you convince?

"We still live in a world where money is very present. But can we still talk about capitalism and at the same time destroy the planet? It doesn't make sense. I think it would be fair to find ways to get rich without compromising the future. Some companies have understood this by entering the renewable market. I'm thinking of new ideas around the heat released by computer servers that can be reused to heat water or create electricity."

Your predictions are based on various meetings, astronauts, botanists, explorers, but also heads of state, what is precisely your posture towards governmental actions in France?

"Decentralization is necessary. The State must loosen the screw to allow local initiatives to emerge and make them viable. Because although there are common problems for all communities, such as urban pollution, each one has its own specificity and cannot respond in the same way. Feedback and exchange between the various actors should be encouraged. Let's stop being in opposition and take advantage of this energy crisis to all evolve in the right direction.

On Friday evening, your speech will be addressed mainly to local government actors, what will be your key message?

"If we rebound on the problems that the department has experienced with the drought, they must urgently anticipate future risks of fire in the years to come. It seems to me that aircrafts have just been allocated for the territory. As for the future of the mountains in the Vosges, it is obvious that we are not going to artificially snow the slopes ad infinitum, hence the importance of thinking about other tourist activities and not being faced with a fait accompli.

Interview by Claire CARISEY


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