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What would happen if the roles between the artificial world created by man and the natural world were to be reversed, if homo sapiens lost its status as apex predator, and became... the prey, the endangered species of 'extinction ?


At the headquarters of the United Nations, the concern is palpable. All contact has been broken with certain remote regions of the globe. WHO doctors are worried: could the appearance of a strange epidemic with an as yet unknown mode of propagation be the cause?


Alexandre Grant, CEO of the Amazonian Wood logging company has no choice but to go to the Amazon urgently to reassure his workers. Something in the huge rainforest has undeniably changed...

For her part, Anne Cendras, a famous French biologist, is more and more convinced of this: nature is affected by an abnormal phenomenon, unrelated to the current global warming. A sudden change in behavior affects the entire animal world. More worrying are the observations made on different plant species on the planet: Impossible mutations, aberrant developments, biologists are asking more and more questions... without however finding the shadow of an answer.


One thing is certain: a totally new and unknown phenomenon is underway… and ecosystems around the world are being affected. 

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SKU: 9782848251417
  • Author :  Yannick Monget 

    Publisher:   FEEL, First edition dating from 2006

    Gender:  Novel, Thriller     

    Key words  :  Thriller / Catastrophe 

    Pages:  376  pages


    ORDERS FOR LOTS OF WORK / Beyond 5 copies, contact us via, so that we can offer you suitable shipping costs. The paper version of this book is only available on this site. All of the profits from the sales of the works presented on this site thus benefit Symbiom in order to finance projects related to environmental protection.


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