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Through more than a hundred scenarios of the future transcribed into photorealistic digital paintings, this exceptional work invites you to travel into the future in order to better understand the challenges of the century: the challenges that lie ahead, the solutions that exist. and the hopes that remain. Around the French author and futurist Yannick Monget, Nobel Prize winners, scientists, explorers and astronauts, representatives of indigenous communities, philosophers, environmentalists, from all over the world deliver here their personal vision of the future, their warnings, but also and especially their messages of hope for the future of humanity and our world. Dealing initially with the various challenges weighing on our world and requiring the mobilization of all, denouncing this race towards the abyss to which leads us our insatiable search for profit, our consumerist greed, this work addresses in a second part openly optimistic this what could a world look like where the insurrection of consciences would have led humanity to pull itself together, to prefer metamorphosis to revolution, finally establishing a relationship of symbiosis and not confrontation with the living world, placing ethics back at the heart of society, respect for the environment and the search for social justice as fundamental pillars of our future development. A real plea calling for a complete rethinking of our society, to build a future where our imagination would once again fuel our dreams and where these dreams would finally shape the world that will be ours tomorrow.


  • Author :  Yannick Monget 

    Publisher:   Symbiom Editions 

    Gender:  Photo-documentary book, fine books collection     

    Key words  : Nature / Ecology / Photography / Digital Art

    Pages:  448 pages


    The book is currently available in 2 languages, French or English (you will be asked to choose the language when validating the order). The paperback version is flexible, with a lighter and “flexible” book unlike the classic version, which is thicker and more rigid. The electronic version has reduced content compared to the paper versions, with in particular fewer digital paintings, as certain formats do not lend themselves to the ebook version.

    ORDERS FOR LOTS OF WORK / Beyond 5 copies, contact us via, so that we can offer you suitable shipping costs. The paper version of this book is only available on this site. All of the profits from the sales of the works presented on this site thus benefit Symbiom in order to finance projects related to environmental protection.



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