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From the bioclimatic emergency to the dreams of tomorrow... /  Calling on the very latest advances in the world of research and the most recent computer graphics techniques, this work proposes to travel in time, to visualize our world - its cities, its monuments, its most famous landscapes - transposed into future, certainly hypothetical, but indeed possible.

By making the scientific and economic reports of the IPCC, the UN and the WHO more accessible to the general public, Terres d'Avenir tries to make the issues of this century understood. After dealing with the different degrees of impact that the current crises could have on our planet, the author approaches, in a more optimistic way, against the dramatic scenarios, the concrete solutions that are available to us, thanks to a real awareness of these issues. A revolution in our way of thinking, placing ethics at the base of our development. A scenario of plausible hope, reinforced by recent discoveries and by the desire to give birth to a new vision of our societies from the crisis.


SKU: 9782732437507
  • Author : Yannick Monget

    Publisher: Editions de la Martiniere, 2009

    Gender: Photo-documentary book, Art book collection

    Key words : Nature / Ecology / Photography / Digital Art

    Pages: 160 pages


    ORDERS FOR LOTS OF WORK / Beyond 5 copies, contact us via, so that we can offer you suitable shipping costs. The paper version of this book is only available on this site. All of the profits from the sales of the works presented on this site thus benefit Symbiom in order to finance projects related to environmental protection.


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