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Seen from Space / Rise of sea level, Marseille, France

This week, I have chosen to inaugurate a new section called "View from Space" which is a new vision of the future of our world, seen from space. This work was made from photos of several space agencies in collaboration with astronauts, some of whom have provided me with elements photographed from the ISS to help me realize these paintings. A new collection that will develop soon because as you know, many members of Symbiom come from the space environment. First visual this week, Marseille, France, with this vision showing how the rising waters could affect the city of Marseille in the distant future. This work is based on an image taken by Thomas Pesquet during his first mission on the ISS.

Not to anticipate is already to moan

Léonard De Vinci

Scientist, inventor, man of universal wisdom and Florentine artist | 1452-1519

CAPTION / For a long time after being initiated by man, the rise of the waters continued, from a few centimeters, then a few meters to finally reach several tens of meters, drowning many regions located at low altitude along the coasts of the globe, like here in Marseille, on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

This scenario imagines the long-term changes in our environment. We are obviously not there yet, but the inertia of the phenomenon is such that it will continue for centuries and even millennia. Territories like the Camargue will disappear much sooner. The current rise in water levels (about 4 mm per year) is enough to threaten many coastal regions in Europe and the world. This figure of 4 mm should be compared with what we observed 20 years ago, when sea levels rose by "only" 2.5 mm/year. In the specific case of Marseilles and its region, 1 million people already live in flood-prone areas, so urban planning will have to be completely revised to protect and adapt to this inexorable rise in water levels. This capacity to adapt will be a key factor in facing the challenges ahead, but at the same time it requires continued efforts to limit the evolution of sea levels as much as possible.


Digital painting from the book HOPES, Symbiom Editions 2021

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