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Rather than uniting in the face of the climate peril, some prefer to tear peoples apart

While the world should unite as never before to face the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, namely the global environmental crisis that we ourselves have created, some people find nothing better than to initiate a war and threaten peace and world order.

AAbsolute blindness, total irresponsibility, words are lacking to describe this kind of bellicose behavior. Behaviors that should no longer take place in our time

... especially since the two terrible world wars which so dramatically bloodied the last century.

... especially in these pivotal moments of our History where the future of all humanity and with it of so many other species within all planetary ecosystems is at stake.

For this is what is at stake today, not the survival of the planet, which will survive us even in the event of a nuclear war (we are not there yet), but our own survival, and with it, that of a good number of species that are our contemporaries and that we have every chance of dragging along in our wake.

Let's bet that this other Humanity, which in its immense majority, does not want to see any more wars between the peoples to tear them apart and, on the contrary, to trace another way of life. Let us hope that this other Humanity, conscious of its responsibilities and duties towards future generations, will succeed in its efforts to bring the world to its senses.

In these dark hours for world peace and humanity, we have no other choice but to continue all the more ardently these fights for peace and the environment, the two being intrinsically linked... Simply because in view of what is at stake, failure is simply not allowed.


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