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If you have purchased the teaching tool, go directly to the page reserved for teacher support. 

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Discover the book event of this beginning of the year.  An exceptional book bringing together personalities from around the world, Nobel Prize,  scientists, explorers, astronauts, philosophers, writers, ecologists, representatives of indigenous peoples, around the question of the future of humanity and our planet, and  over a hundred magnificent digital paintings, depicting as many possible futures of our world.

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The HOPES book around which the educational tool is organized was produced under the patronage of the National Commission for UNESCO

Outil pédagogique Symbiom



Livre Hopes Symbiom PDF

Download the complete presentation file (french)

The basic version of the tool is built around two books, "Hopes" and "Terres Avenir". 


Once they have ordered these books, teachers receive a code to connect to a dedicated page where they can download a pedagogical support file as well as additional documents and tools designed around these books. This space also offers other digital content, animations made around the paintings of the book with commented captions, but also immersive videos, making of... as well as articles and content published regularly in connection with the news.

It is possible to add a set of posters (printed on canvas) as well as small booklets (sort of mini-Hopes) sold by lots.

(optional / see below)

Basic tool / 1 book "Hopes" + 1 book "Terres d'Avenir


VAT included 

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✔ In stock


Livre Hopes Symbiom, Yannick Monget


Yannick Monget and collective  

Symbiom Editions

Art book

French and english  

In a world in the throes of upheaval, " Hopes " presents itself as an unprecedented work, making it possible to apprehend the upheavals in progress, and above all to understand that hope remains. Travel into the future  through sublime digital paintings illustrating in a hyperrealistic way more than a hundred future  possible, accompanied  testimonials from personalities from around the world known and recognized for their commitment to the protection of the environment and the promotion of peace. Nobel Prize winners, scientists, explorers, astronauts, philosophers, representatives of indigenous peoples all come together here to share their warnings but also their hopes and the solutions that exist and can be put in place to meet the challenges.  who now stand before humanity.    

Find out more about this book and its contents via its official page.



Livre Terres d'Avenir Symbiom, Yannick Monget


Yannick Monget  

Editions de la Martiniere, 2009

Art book


Calling on the very latest advances in the world of research and the most recent computer graphics techniques, this work proposes to travel in time, to visualize our world - its cities, its monuments, its most famous landscapes - transposed into future, certainly hypothetical, but indeed possible.  By making it more accessible to the general public... 


d'accompagnement pédagogique

Accompagnement pédagogique Symbiom

This pedagogical file is the central document of the tool, created to accompany the teacher; it offers the tracks of exploitation of the tool according to the levels.

Extrait du Livre Hopes Symbiom

This document is to be used with the book HOPES, entitled "from reality to fiction" it offers some views of the landscapes staged in the book before and after trickery.


Hopes, de la réalité à la fiction

Extrait du Livre HOPES Terres D'avenir Symbiom

This document is to be used with the book Terres d'Avenir, entitled "de la fiction à la réalité" (from fiction to reality). It allows to work on the notion of prospective and predictability, through many news occurred these last years, and predicted by the book.


Terres d'Avenir, de la fiction à la réalité

Dedicated web space with various digital contents

Contenu digital Symbiom, ordinateur

This web space contains additional digital content, in particular animations that can be used in class, making of etc.

Contents allowing to rebound on the current events are also published there.


A set of 7 textile canvases / As an option, it is possible to order a set of textile canvases to be displayed in class, representing each theme addressed by the book, from the current climate destabilization, to the future of humanity beyond the earth's borders, through the resilience of our society... 

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Packages of Hopes booklets / Sort of "mini-Hopes", these 26-page booklets are a summary of the original book, through 13 captioned digital paintings and an explanatory page summarizing each chapter covered in the book. Designed to allow students to work alone or in groups, these paper supports can be ordered in sets of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 books. 

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Toile (1)
Toile (5)
Toile (3)
Toile (6)
Toile (4)
Toile (2)
Toile (7)

7 textile canvases / size 150 cm x 50 cm


VAT not included 

✔ In stock

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Set of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 booklets / A5 format, 24 pages


VAT not included 

✔ In stock

✔ En stock




Design, triangle



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