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PEDAGOGY | Launch of the HOPES pedagogical tool

Since the release of the book HOPES, and the launch of the eponymous exhibition, many teachers have been asking us for it. So here it is, the pedagogical tool adapted from HOPES has been created and is now available via our store (direct link).

A tool created by teachers for teachers in the service of Education for Sustainable Development (EDD)

The pedagogical tool is based on the two books HOPES and Terres d'Avenir. These two books include a variety of images, testimonies and scientific explanations that allow them to be used by a very wide range of students, from the smallest classes to high school. The digital paintings presented in these books have the advantage of speaking to all students, regardless of age, and can be used to help them think about issues related to environmental protection and the future of our world.

With the purchase of the tool, teachers have free access to an exclusive web page. This page centralizes many downloadable pedagogical elements in PDF format, including the "Document for the teacher", allowing teachers to use the books and their contents, following the programs, according to the level and the lessons, as well as the files "From reality to fiction" and "From fiction to reality" which allow to understand the work of ecological prospective of Yannick Monget. On this page, teachers also have access to other digital content that can be used in class (animated works, videos, etc.) as well as to exclusive content that we will create regularly to reflect on current events.

A content that will be completed regularly to allow teachers to react to current events

Indeed, we have noticed that teachers are often in need of adapted content to deal with certain current events that are sometimes difficult to tackle with their students. One of our objectives will be to regularly update the web page to help and accompany teachers in their efforts to address current events using the HOPES pedagogical tool. These evolving contents will be free.

The web page will be updated with new animations, new PDFs, articles related to current events in the world concerning the environment and related topics (world peace, energy challenges, the biodiversity crisis, solutions etc.). For this, some of our partners as well as personalities and specialists will join us.

As an option, we propose different printed elements to complete the pedagogical tool and bring the works into the classroom: a set of 7 paintings representing each a landscape of one of the main themes addressed in the book HOPES, and sets of 26-page booklets, sort of "mini-HOPES" presenting a selection of digital paintings and texts from the book.

For those who have specific questions, a complete presentation file is available for download here (link). Nevertheless, our team and the teachers involved in the project remain at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact them via

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